[ Program Details ]

Our suggested meal plan provides lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday and lunch only on Fridays. It has been our experience that with busy weekend schedules (THON canning trips, school breaks, trips home, etc.) many Friday meals go to waste. However, we can develop a plan and a schedule that fits your house's needs.

Our chefs and management team will work with your organization's leadership to develop a menu that will feature homestyle favorites and comfort food classics. Fresh fruit will be available daily and vegetable side dishes will be served with all dinners.

We also provide around the clock access to beverages and continental breakfast foods (milk, eggs, cereal, orange juice, bagels w/ cream cheese, etc.) as well as a selection of self-serve meal options for the weekends. A typical pantry is stocked with everything you need to make burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, sandwiches and more.

Out-of-house members will have the opportunity to purchase full or partial meal plans. In addition, out-of-house members, friends, and girlfriends will all have the option to purchase an individual meal if they would like to dine with your members.

All weekly menus and 24/7 options will be approved by the members of the organization. We are open to new ideas and will develop a program to fit all your needs. Also, the membership will be asked to provide performance reviews throughout the semester